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Printable Provider Directories

To view complete provider directories, simply select your region or group and click on a link below:

Nevada Health Link Members
Premier HMO North Network (PDF)

Northern Nevada Provider Directories
Saint Mary’s HMO/POS Network (PDF)
Preferred Health Care Network PPO Network (PDF)
Premier HMO North Network (PDF)

Southern Nevada Provider Directories
Saint Mary’s HMO Network (PDF)
Nevada Preferred Professionals PPO Network (PDF)

Prime Healthcare Services (SMRMC & Saint Mary's Medical Group)
Saint Mary’s HMO Select Network (PDF)

St. Rose Employees
St. Rose SPO Network TIER 1 (PDF)
Nevada Preferred Professionals PPO Network TIER 2 (PDF)

Dental Directories
Northern Nevada Dental Directory (PDF)
Sourthern Nevada Dental Directory (PDF) 

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